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"All you have to do is bring a chair, your favorite beverage and enjoy our beautiful slice of country."

** This website will be getting a makeover this Winter, you'll get the general info here, but all updates, events, etc are on our social media pages.  

Stone Wall Pizza a mobile wood fired brick oven that cooks a pizza in less than two minutes! We are available for events, private parties, wedding rehearsal dinners, reunions, etc. To find more information on booking your private party with us, click the above tab "Book Your Event".


Here's how Pizza On The Farm works: You'll pull in at the bottom of the lane - use either side- to park in the pastures. Find a spot you'd like to sit, you will notice lettered flags placed through out the farm. These are not reserved spots, but are zones. Notice what letter you are closest too and make your way to the patio.

The patio is where you order your pizzas and tell us what letter you are closest too. We will bring your pizzas out to you once they are done. If you oder 3 or more pizzas you will probably want to grab an ironing board by the patio to take back to your spot. Ironing boards make great tables! (and if you have an ironing board you no longer want, bring it to the farm it will get a lot of use!)   There are also small round tables to be used too. We ask that you bring them back up for someone else to use once you are done with them.

We start serving pizza at 5:00 and music starts at 6:00, both go until 8:00.  

What to bring with you: You'll want to bring lawn chairs or blankets to sit on. Bring your drinks, alcohol is allowed!

Pizzas cost $15 and the menu will change weekly. I'll post the menu in the event on Facebook on Tuesday or Wednesday this week.

NEW on the farm: Our drink bar! We now have cocktails, beer, pop, water, and Mill Stream Sodas. You are still welcome to bring your own too. Please note the bar is cash only.

Methods of payment for pizza: cash is preferred, but we will also take Venmo and credit cards.

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